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"Are you looking for an impressive Launch
for your product? We know how!"

Harness the power of immersive fulldome cinemas!



Have you developed a perfect product with a lot of effort and budget?


We stage the launch of your product worldwide in fulldome theatres. You may have already heard of the Sphere in Las Vegas - that's a fulldome theatre. Such impressive architectures exist all over the world. And we know how to showcase products in them.


Our Service

We will create an analysis for the staging of your product in fulldome theatres.


Content Production

Fulldome content has specific technical, aesthetic, and narrative requirements to unleash its full power. We draft concepts and produce immersive content that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. We collaborate with your event or advertising agency to showcase your content precisely.

Creative Direction

In Fulldome theaters, even more is possible. You can present your content and products as part of augmented reality shows and stage performances. You may want to engage your audience with your content in a conference format afterward. We are happy to provide our creative directors for the conception, professional planning, and execution of the entire event in the Fulldome Theater.

Full Service

But it’s also no small task to find the best Fulldome theaters worldwide for your roadshow or event series and assess their technical capabilities precisely. Thanks to our over 20 years of experience, we are well-connected and familiar with nearly all of them. That’s why we’re also happy to take over the global location planning and coordinate on-site event services, from hospitality to catering.



There is a global Fulldome infrastructure with relatively similar projection systems. This means the content is produced only once and then slightly adapted. There’s no need for expensive projection installations to be set up from scratch. The captivating theaters are already in place and ready for use.



Fulldome theaters are becoming increasingly popular worldwide because the immersive experience within the domes is simply overwhelming. You can harness this immersive quality to convey your messages effectively.



The network of captivating Fulldome theaters spans the globe, present on every continent, in every country, and in nearly every major city. Leverage this global infrastructure to roll out your product and theme both worldwide and locally.



The sphere in Las Vegas currently surpasses all superlatives with 20,000 seats. That’s why Fulldome is all the rage and everyone is curious about your event at the Science Center. Seize this opportunity now.



The immersive format has been developed to explain complex scientific content in an impressive and simple way. We can explain your content with pinpoint accuracy, and the audience is thoroughly impressed.



The fascinating Science Centers, Fulldome Theaters, and Planetariums have been designed by the best architects in the world and are located in select beautiful places. Use this high quality to present your product in an appropriate setting.



Since Fulldome Theaters all have a similar presentation format – the cosmic sphere – content for the domes can be standardized worldwide. This means you produce it just once and can use it everywhere. This simplifies planning and reduces costs while maximizing impact.



The premium reputation of Fulldome Theaters makes it easier to integrate high-profile personalities, such as politicians, hosts, and celebrities into your event. They are keen to be seen at such a high-quality event, making it easier for you to involve them.



Since Fulldome Theaters are technically very well equipped, especially in the projection area, but often also in stage technology, you save significant costs for renting expensive technology parks and structures for your global roadshow.



Our world is becoming increasingly complex, as are our products, our supply chains, and our markets. The more explanation a product and its context require , the more worthwhile it is to present them in a Fulldome Theater, because everything can be impressively displayed there.



- Your Advantage

Elevate your global product launch or conference with Softmachine’s immersive 360 full dome show. We’re pioneers in crafting captivating 360-degree experiences that guarantee an unforgettable presentation for even the most intangible products. Our events go beyond the ordinary, explaining your product and enveloping your audience in a multisensory adventure that forges profound connections with your brand. With strategically positioned full-dome theatres across major global cities, Softmachine not only amplifies your message’s impact but also significantly simplifies event logistics and cuts equipment costs. Imagine unveiling your innovative products in iconic venues like the Calatrava Dome in Valencia or the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.



Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience as award

-winning fulldome show producers.

We help you to successfully stage your product.



Expertise Matters

With over 20 years in the 360° format, Softmachine boasts a track record that’s backed by multiple prestigious awards. Our expertise in storytelling guarantees a vivid and remarkable presentation, perfectly suited to showcase intangible products or concepts.

Efficient Budgeting and Seamless Logistics

Our worldwide network of full-dome theaters, strategically placed in major cities, not only cuts equipment costs but also simplifies event logistics through unified setups.

Iconic Locations

Host your event at iconic locations such as the Calatrava Dome in Valencia or the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. Our experts are familiar with the technical requirements of the various venues, and we have strong connections with the operators in order to help you rent them.


experiences are trending high – Softmachine’s full-dome shows align perfectly with the opening of the MSG Sphere and the rising popularity of 360 full-dome shows. This is a golden opportunity to host VIPs, garner the media spotlight, and captivate minds.

In summary, Softmachine offers far more than immersive events – we specialize in creating unforgettable memories that truly resonate with your audience. From global product unveilings to pivotal jubilations our full-dome shows redefine corporate gatherings while providing significant cost savings in event logistics.

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