New award for "Kaluoka'hina, the Enchanted Reef"

Kaluoka'hina has been presented with the "Most Popular Film" Award at the 5th CSTM Popular Science Film Panorama in Beijing!

„The Life of Trees“ now in Lithuania!

LIFE OF TREES is making an impact on Kids learning about nature and its secrets. Three, two, one... Start! In all Forum Cinema theaters in Lithuania, 11:00 in the mornings you can see most exciting lessons for 6-10 year old kids. Enough rotting in classrooms, go for adventures learning! Come with all your classmates.


"We love planetariums"

The Life of Trees

In The Life of Trees a cheeky ladybug called Dolores and a quirky firefly called Mike take the audience on an adventurous journey of exploration into the wondrous world of trees. Taking the perspective of insects, the fulldome film reveals the magic of the microcosm. On their excursion these two creepy-crawlies zip around a tree, and in ...

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Realm of Light

An emotional approach to the origins of space and life. With its stunning special effects, this entirely 3D animated full dome production is designed in any aspect for the immersive theater – a completely new dimension of filmed visualization. The film tells in breathtaking pictures the story of the genesis and the evolution ...

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Kaluoka'hina 3D The Enchanted Reef

"Kaluoka'hina - The Enchanted Reef" is a pioneer work: it is the first fulldome movie with a plot originally produced for the 360° fulldome projection format. More than 2.5 million people have seen Kaluoka'hina (a fictional name for a coral reef somewhere in the oceans) in more than 150 planetariums or fulldome theaters around the world ...

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