Realm of Light - Denver Version


In addition to the 360° visual impact, the full dome theatres offer an exceptional 360° audio experience. The score and the sound effects for REALM OF LIGHT were especially designed and composed for the 360° audio environment.


“This visual feast for the eyes enhanced with breathtaking music follows the incredible story of life on Earth. From the Big Bang to the modern age of humankind, viewers of all ages will be inspired by the marvel of nature and the power of human curiosity through this immersive dome experience. Both poetic in its words and philosophical in its ideas, Realm of Light elegantly tells the 13 billion-year story of our universe in a way that lifts both the heart and the mind.”

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

In collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Dan Neafus of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science wrote an outstanding script of REALM OF LIGHT adapted for the core planetarium market, narrated by Gillian Martin. His work matched eligible educational needs to the stunning visuals and the result is a perfect informative presentation.

Format: fulldome / flat screen / 4K

history of the universe / astronomy / life science / earth science

Genre: documentary / animation

Big Bang / early universe / Eagle Nebula / supernova / the early earth / the origin of life / human mind

It´s time to open your eyes. All things in the universe and on earth are interrelated and mankind as its part has the capability to recognize its responsibility for its actions.


For licensing of “Realm Of Light – Denver Version” please contact:

REEF Distribution GmbH
Rambergstr. 5
80799 Munich

Available languages:
Chinese, English, German, Russian, Japanese, Thai, a.o.


“Realm of Light’s glorious visuals, inspired music, big ideas and poetic words proclaim both the elegance of nature and brilliance of human curiosity.  The film is much more a love letter than a lecture in all the best ways; it lifts both the heart and the mind. In a word, it’s an inspiringly beautiful experience for audiences of any age or interest level.”
David Beining
Director of Immersive Media, ARTS Lab @ UNM
Executive Director, DomeFest

“This is a really gorgeous show both in its visual beauty and in its subject matter. In 24 minutes it manages to tell ably the 13.73 billion-year story of our Universe in a really elegant way. No superlatives can do justice to the imagery as well as to the sensitive words of its narration. Only if one sees it can possibly understand what I am talking about. This is a must presentation for every planetarium with a mission of science and art.”
Dionysios Simopoulos
Director Eugenides Planetarium
Athens – Greece

“Watching Realm of Light was like taking a dreamy swim through time and space. Surrounded by beautiful imagery, I was carried by the capsule of the full-dome, from the inside of a prehistoric shell, through waves of ancient ocean, to the vastness of open space. I feel that this film was one of the best full-dome movies that I have experienced. Thank you for showing it at Dome Fest 2009.”
Michael Zolotnitski
Production Artist
Sky-Skan Inc.

“I wanted to put out a special thank you to the folks from SOFTMACHINE. “Realm of Light” was simply breathtaking. It was the most beautiful story I’ve ever seen in a dome. Congratulations!”
Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D.
Fractal Fundation
Executive Director

“I found Realm of Light utterly delightful, and I think Peter Popp and Rita-Graciela Werner and all the folks involved in the production of Realm of Light deeply understand the true potential and strengths of the immersive story space and how to make the most effective use of the unique properties of the full dome medium. Put simply, the makers of ‘Realm of Light’ really ‘get it’.”
Hue Walker
Multi Media Development Specialist with UNM/ARTS Lab