Mission Astronaut

Alexander Gerst is the man in space, and gives exciting insights into the world of spaceflight in this new 360-degree movie adventure ‘Mission Astronaut’ by SOFTMACHINE IMMERSIVE Productions. In the short film, astronauts Gerst, Matthias Maurer and Thomas Pesquet explain in several interesting chapters what demanding training is necessary to prepare for the enormous G-forces during take-off and zero gravity in space. By impressive perspectives combined with the astronaut’s voiceovers, the movie clarifies how sophisticated the preparations for take-off are, what launch, flight and docking in the Sojus space shuttle feel like, and what special features come with life and work on the International Space Station.

For this immersive ten minute trip into space SOFTMACHINE combined impressive original footage from NASA and ESA with CG animations.

The movie is shown at the “Dome of Dreams” at Europa-Park in Rust. Europa-Park is Germany’s largest amusement park and the “Best Theme Park of Europe” according to TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2014.

Movie Info

Format: fulldome / 4k / 30fps

Running Time: 10 min

Subject: astronautics / spaceflight / astronomy

Genre: documentary / education

Topic: astronauts training / living and working in space / future of space flight

Message: astronautics as a complex and fantastic job / importancy of spaceflight and its further development for menkind