Giants of our Galaxy

“Giants of our Galaxy” is a 360° size comparison of selected moons, planets and stars, for presentation in planetariums and fulldome theaters.

Just how big is our planet Earth compared to other planets and stars?
We know some planets are very large, but it’s the stars that can be truly gigantic. In this animation we demonstrate the vast and diverse scales of celestial bodies, up to the largest known star. All of them are at home in our own Milkyway galaxy, with some of them among the most prominent lights in our night sky.

This sequence is intended for 8k fulldome screenings. It needs to be experienced in the immersive environment of the dome, were one can truly feel the vastness of the universe and the smallness of ourselves.

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Movie Info

Format: fulldome / 2k / 4k / 8k / 30fps

Category: exclusive bonus content

Subject: astronomy / astrophysics / cosmology

Genre: edutainment – education & entertainment / animation

Topic: astronomical scales / celestial objects / from earth to the largest stars

Message: become aware of Earth’s place in the universe